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Know the Terms and Conditions of the Bail Agreement

What happens when you post bail? Call Advise Bail Bonds to learn more about the bail process.

All bail bonds are different. The court can add restrictions to your bond at any time. Part of the bond requires that you show up for court. You must also check in with the bond agent to ensure you are not going to leave town for any reason.

By not abiding by the terms of the bail agreement, you could end up being arrested and put back in jail. At this point, it is possible there will be no bail set and you will have to wait in jail until your hearing.
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Understanding Premiums

In order to post the bond, there is a premium amount that you will be obligated to pay. In most cases, the premium will be 10% of the bond amount, but some exceptions may apply.

Expect our team at Advise Bail Bonds to work with you toward the best, most affordable solution for your bonding needs. The terms and conditions of your specific bonding situation will be addressed upon application of the bond.
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